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          Having unique magnetic properties, super-paramagnetic nanoparticles (SPIONs) are an efficient vector for anti-tumor targeted therapy, non-viral gene therapy, magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent, and thus personalized medicine. SPIONs are cheap and easy to synthesize, have determined dimensions, can be functionalized and loaded with various substances, and they can transport a certain drug to a certain area of the body in a targeted way, being conducted by magnet.


          They can be, this way, monitored in real time and at the area of interest SPIONs combine the chemical effect of the drug with the physical effect of the magnetic fluids induced hyperthermia, which generates selectively local overheating through an external magnetic field. In spite of all this promising features, there is still a certain holdback for using SPIONs as a nanotherapy method. This happens mostly because of the fact that nanomedicine is a new domain and because of the lack of coherence in all studies involving NPs in medical applications.


          Through our project we intend to integrate all aspects regarding cell-NPs interactions and to eliminate all dissonances that shows when passing from a certain study system to another (in vitro-2D-3D-in vivo), finally leading us to obtain coherent data. This is why this study is needed, a complete, integrating and complex study, which starts from NPs synthesis, bioavailability, cytostatic loading, fluorescent loading, in vitro and then in vivo, up to clearance.

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