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      The goal of our project is to characterize at subcellular level, in vitro and in vivo, the effects of cytostaticloaded, PEG functionalized SPIONs for anti-tumor targeted therapy. We will focus especially on SPIONs cytosis at subcellular level and their fate in time.




       01. SPIONs synthesis, PEG functionalization, loading with cytostatic and with fluorescent phycobilins isolated and purified from cyanobacteria.


        02. In vitro analysis of SPIONs’ effects on normal and tumor cells in relation to their diameter, concentration, administration time, presence/absence of exterior magnetic field and protein loading from cell media.


        03. In vitro study of SPIONs cytosis over an extended period of time on 2D and 3D (spheroids) cell cultures.


       04. In vivo evaluation of intravenously and cutaneously administered SPIONs distribution to and clearance from specific tissues, over an extender period of time.










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