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          Objective 1. SPIONs synthesis, functionalization with PEG, cytostatic loading, isolation of fluorescent phycobilins and adsorbtion on SPIONs.

  • We have obtained SPIONs at desired dimensions: 10, 50 and 100 nm

  • PEG functionalization gave a better stability to the colloids

  • Paclitaxel was adsorbed on PEG coated SPIONs

  • phycoerithrin and phycocyanin were extracted, purified and adsorbed on SPIONs



          Objective 2. In vitro analysis of SPIONs’ effects on normal and tumor cells in relation to their diameter, concentration, administration time, presence/absence of exterior magnetic field and protein loading from cell media.

  • We have obtained IC50 and ICt50 values for 10, 50 and 100 nm naked and PEG coated SPIONs on normal and tumor skin cells

  • an alternating exterior magnetic field was applied and tumor cells were succesfully affected by hyperthermia in a relative short time range

  • normal and tumor cells respond differently in time to SPIONs and hyperthermia treatment

  • 3D cell culture systems react differently to SPIONs and hyperthermia than monolayer cultures



          Objective 3. In vitro study of SPIONs' cytosis on 2D and 3D (spheroids) cell cultures.

  • SPIONs' cytosis was analyzed through various methods in cell cultures, an optimum dimension and concentration was obtained

  • Endocytosis, trans-cytosis and exocytosis were monitored and particularities were observed

  • Differences in cytosis were noted in 2D vs 3D cultures and in different media composition



          Objective 4. In vivo evaluation of intravenously and cutaneously administered SPIONs distribution to and clearance from specific tissues, over an extended period of time.


  • SPIONs were given to rats by means of intraperitoneal and intravenous injections and their distribution was monitored throughout their period of clearance in urine, blood and target organs

  • SPIONs were identified in various organs at different time points and their effects were documented-

  • The time needed for blood, urine and organ clearance of SPIONs was identified


Papers and Conferences

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